The groundbreaking new generation of AR display

Transparent Integrated Guiding Enhanced Reality (TIGER) Display

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Better pricing comparing with existing semi-transparent OLED

Thin with almost 100% optical power efficiency. Brighter display comparing with existing LCD, OLED

Lower power consumption comparing with existing LCD, OLED, or upcoming micro-LED

TIGER Display Introduction

KDH is committed to a radical change of the transparent, flexible, and keeping high brightness with high optical performance display technology in far-field and near-eye applications like AR (Augmented Reality) through the patent-pending "Transparent Integrated Guiding Enhanced Reality (TIGER)" display technology solution. KDH controls the entire process from the material pipeline, product development to the mass production process as well as conducts joint development with the Advanced R&D team at University of Melbourne and MCN (Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication), Australia.



TIGER FILM Light Guide Creation Engineering Process at MCN

Demo of the PoC to Validate the Opitcal Performance of Material