The core technology of KDH design Inc. is flexible AR-based transparent film for consumer, industrial, military & automotive industry applications. KDH Design Inc. controls the entire process from the material pipeline, product development all the way to mass production process as well as conducts joint-development with Advanced R&D team at NCRIS in Melbourne, Australia.

The X-AR leverages optical waveguide technology on the HUD for riders who prefer visual instructions. The technology behind this ensures that, even in bright light, these projections are always clearly visible. The HUD can be controlled and retracted easily via voice command.

The X-AR helmet has the ability to display directions, and notify the wearer of traffic and weather conditions, indicators, speed, hazard road signs and incoming caller IDs on the HUD. It even shows 2K rear-view images so the rider has 360° visibility while on the road.


AR Smart Combat Helmet System has been qualified by Taiwan’s NCSIST (National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology) in the Ministry of Defense’s Digital Tactical AR Project.
The AR smart combat helmet system prototype was developed over three years to come into compliance with the rigorous specifications set by NCSIST. The helmet includes a transparent heads up display, AI-assisted threat detection and situational awareness, 4k night vision camera, patent-pending ‘super optical’ performance, long-range broadband ad hoc communication, and an intrinsically safe military-grade battery.
The development objective of AR Smart Combat Helmet System is to bring increased situational awareness to the warfighter and combat commanders will give soldiers proactive safety and a superior tactical advantage over their adversaries.


The cutting edge “Flexible AR Film” will be the most critical optical component for most future AR-based display and wearables. KDH Design makes some radical change in the display industry – flexible, thin with almost 100% optical power efficiency, ultra-light in weight with high transparency.

Near eye application for Flexible AR Film

Far-Field application for Flexible AR Film



Demo of a transparent film prototype with one single tunnel to guide the light beam in a flexible, transparent structure with prism-like ends for coupling the light out.


Demo of a single film with air-prisms fabricated within the engineered PDMS material for reflecting the light out.


Demo of the flexibility of a single film with similar optical properties like glass but flexible.