The groundbreaking new generation of AR display

The Smartest Motorcycle Helmet Ever Made

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• Head-Up Display (HUD) AR Projections

• 2K Front & Rear Cameras

• Handsfree Control

The Smartest Helmet to End All Helmets

The X-AR's full-face fit is comfortable and its stylish all-in-one design includes top of the range built-in HD surrounding sound speakers, noise reduction microphone, and front 2K camera as standard. The X-AR also includes the HUD, AR projections, 2K rear-facing camera and optical waveguide technology.

Head-Up Display

The X-AR model leverages optical waveguide technology on the HUD for riders who prefer visual instructions. The technology behind this ensures that even in bright light, these projections are visible. The HUD can be controlled and retracted easily via voice command.

The X-AR helmet has the ability to display directions, to notify the wearer of traffic and weather conditions, indicators, speed, hazard road signs and incoming caller IDs on the HUD.

360° Front & Rear Cameras

The X-AR model come with 2K built-in front camera as standard. It also houses a 2K rear-facing camera which can be activated on demand by voice so the rider has 360° visibility while on the road.

Journeys can be recorded in FHD video via the built-in front 2K camera and stored on an up to 256GB removable memory card in the helmet. The video can also be broadcasted in real-time to a rider's social media account by voice command.

GPS Navigation

Never miss a turn with integrated navigation set via the JARVISH app. Users input a destination address by voice to receive in-helmet audio directions and, with the JARVISH X-AR, also on the HUD.


The X-AR full-face helmets are built-in HD surrounding sound speakers, noise reduction microphones, and front and rear 2K cameras as standard. It also includes the HUD, AR projections, and optical waveguide technology. It is fully ceritified, including DOT, CNS (Asia) and FCC.

Meet the Future of Wearable AR

Packed with safety-enhancing features, JARVISH leads the way with distraction-free voice activation for motorcyclists to maintain maximum awareness and focus on the road. It's the all-in-one smart riding solution you've been searching for.

Voice Controls

The new JARVISH X-AR series connects with voice services such as Apple’s Siri or OK Google. It is voice-activation only (no tap-to-talk), allowing riders to control the cameras, make a call, adjust the volume, play music and more, while keeping their focus on the road.