KDH Design ("KDH") was founded in 2014 by the ex-ATD (Advance Technology Division) of Foxconn and actively fosted by national research institutes e.g. ITRI & III of Taiwan with the capabilities to offer state-of-the-art in innovative technologies, engineering quality and sheer breadth of deployment with the software and hardware integrated that enables future solutions to rapidly interconnect with, map and navigate ambient environments to locate objects of interest in the challenging and complex environment in the Outdoors, Defense, Energy and Industrial sectors. 


KDH is committed to delivering customer value by developing advanced tailor-made electronic products and features for the wearable, IoT, automotive, aerospace and solar energy industries. KDH’s development of connected products is managed by engineers and facilitated with the strategically partnered tier one EMS. We understand the innovation and discipline that's required to create, deliver and deploy solutions. We specialize in a broad spectrum of technologies and have the unique in-house DFM (Design for Manufacturing) company culture and engineering process to develop and vertically integrate see-through virtual imaging optical design, mesh networking RF/protocol, sensor fusion computing, … to system design from the scratch to mass production. The assembly and manufacturing of the electronics print circuit boards with the mechanical parts can be made in mainland China, Taiwan or locally in the target market upon business demand by SKD model.